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The most beautiful Red Bed Canopies

ciel-de-lit-adultes-rouge-imperial Red + canopy, is it not the perfect mix to express to your partner all your love and tenderness. Creating a magical intimacy, a red bedspread will allow you to ...Read more

The 15 best Purple Bed Canopies

ciel-de-lit-adultes-violet-elegant Symbol of dreams and relaxation, purple is probably the most suitable color to match with the bed canopy. Already in the 17th century, the Sun King enjoyed spending his nights ...Read more

Pink Baby Bed Canopy : Ultra Chic

ciel-de-lit-bebe-chapiteau-rose-clair The baby canopy has been a total phenomenon for a few years now, and is becoming increasingly popular with parents and children. We're not going to hide it, the success ...Read more

Top 3 : Kid's Grey Bed Canopy

ciel-de-lit-bebe-gris-empire Elegant and futuristic, grey is a very popular colour for children and goes beautifully with the bed canopy. The bed canopy is the ultimate bedroom decoration under which your little ...Read more

Sleeping Well as a Couple : 10 Magic Tips

_20201122_003258 Sleeping as a couple is very good for your sleep and for your health in general. However, it can quickly become an ordeal if some important details are neglected. Fortunately, ...Read more

How to fix a Bed Canopy to the ceiling ?

pexels-media-982660 For a few years now, the bed canopy has made its appearance in many British homes. Charming and elegant, much simpler to install than a canopy bed, children and parents ...Read more

Fixing a Bed Canopy in 5 steps

pexels-media-1094767 A bed canopy is a perfect way to add elegance to any room. This beautiful bedding accessory brings a deep sense of serenity and softness. It can transform your bedroom ...Read more

How to make a crib arrow : Tuto

999 The metal bed rail is the most common type of support for baby canopies. It's high time this changed ! Here, we will show you how to make a wooden ...Read more

Fixing a Bed Canopy to the ceiling without drilling

pexels-media-4491846 Fixing a canopy to the ceiling while keeping it intact is possible ! Because we agree, drilling holes in the walls or ceiling is not the best thing for the ...Read more

How to make a Bed Canopy : 3 step tutorial

pexels-media-1178498 Making a bed canopy may seem tedious and technical, but in reality it is not ! On the contrary, we can say that it is a real child's play. Don't ...Read more

Orange baby bed canopy : Fabulous Designs

ciel-de-lit-bebe-orange A symbol of energy, joy and warmth, orange is a colour that divides people. You either love it or hate it. But lately in the UK, it is becoming more ...Read more

The 3 most beautiful Red Baby Bed Canopies

ciel-de-lit-bebe-rouge Love, energy and passion are all expressed in red. This colour is therefore perfect for the bed canopy you are going to give to your child. However, as with any ...Read more

Beige baby bed canopy : Ultra Elegant

ciel-de-lit-bebe-beige Neither too light nor too dark, beige is an elegant colour that provides a reassuring atmosphere. That's why putting a beige bed canopy in your baby's room is an excellent ...Read more

Hang easily a kid bed canopy

Ciel de Lit Bébé | Rose avec Couronne Like many parents, you are wondering how to effectively hang your child's bed canopy. Although it may not be intuitive for everyone, you will see that it is actually quite ...Read more

White kids bed canopy - Top 5

ciel-de-lit-bebe-voile-blanc-avec-chaise Discover here the top 5 best white bed canopies for kids. Unique creations designed with patience and finesse. Entirely ecological and made of organic cotton. White is a timeless colour ...Read more

Yellow Baby Bed Canopy : Top 5

ciel-de-lit-bebe-jaune-or Is there a more radiant colour than yellow ? A symbol of well-being, friendship and brotherhood, it's the perfect colour for your baby's room. Whether it is on surfaces or ...Read more

The most beautiful Girl's Princess Bed Canopies

ciel-de-lit-adultes-rose-royal Many parents want to give their daughter's room a fairytale atmosphere. Often this means putting big stuffed animals, pictures, kitschy wallpaper and pink everywhere, so the result is not always ...Read more

Boy's Bed Canopy : Top 5

ciel-de-lit-bebe-gris-chateau The bed canopy is the best piece of bedding you can give your kid, so that he feels perfectly at ease in his own space with complete privacy. Often placed ...Read more

Top Black Bed Canopy For Baby

ciel-de-lit-bebe-bleu-nuit Black, that timeless colour that goes with everything and is appreciated by so many children. However, models of bed canopies in this colour are still rare. For you we have ...Read more

The most beautiful Pink Adult Bed Canopies

ciel-de-lit-adultes-rose-enchante Young or old, there is no age to dream. A pink bed canopy is probably the best decoration to put in your room if you want to bring a fairy ...Read more

Top Blue Adult Bed Canopy

ciel-de-lit-adultes-bleu-ombre Spend your nights in the stars by placing a beautiful blue adult bed canopy above you. Blue, symbol of freedom and wisdom, is the most popular color for bed canopies. ...Read more

The Best Green Adult Bed Canopies

ciel-de-lit-adultes-vert-diamant As a symbol of hope and life, more and more households are adopting green in their interiors, especially in the bedroom. Sleeping under a green adult bed canopy is a ...Read more

Top 5 : Green Baby Bed Canopy

Ciel de Lit Bébé | Vert Forêt Take the time to compare the 5 best green baby bed canopies. And choose the most suitable one for your little treasure's room. Green is a symbol of growth and ...Read more

How to quickly hang a Baby Bed Canopy

ciel-de-lit-bebe-chapiteau-beige Have you bought or are you planning to buy a bed canopy for your baby, but you're not sure how to hang it up ? It's not that complicated, you'll ...Read more

Diy Adult Bed Canopy

pexels-media-834892 This beautiful bedding ornament, the bed canopy, is becoming part of more and more british homes every year. Why is it so ? Because it provides both privacy and comfort, ...Read more
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