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Bed canopy

Since 2005, we are the only English company specialized in bed canopy. Most of our bed canopy are unique creations, designed by supplier designers from all over the world. Quality and comfort are our watchwords. Each year, we put part of our profits into research and development. In order to design ever more pleasant, efficient and solid bed canopy. As our catalogue is the most complete, it often serves as a benchmark for the entire market. As a result, many models are sold at a higher price by both large and small sites. We deplore this phenomenon. For us, the bed canopy is a wonderful way to improve the comfort and sleep of children and adults alike. With its multiple interests, there is always something to improve or add. Making this decorative bedding ornament an infinitely developable element. Knowing that at the time, we started out. There weren't as many models and most of them were old with a design that wasn't adapted to our modern interiors. This is why Bed Canopy Universe was born !

Bed mosquito net

The bed mosquito net, quite similar to the bed canopy, but with its own characteristics and functions, is our second flagship product. We decided to integrate it in our shop from 2012, because of its functional proximity to the bed canopy and especially because of the high demand during summer. We try to create ever more elegant and refined designs. With a certain comfort and quality, so that your experience and your nights are optimal. Our catalogue is still quite small, as the bed mosquito net is not our product of expertise. But as the bed mosquito net is an increasingly useful and fun type of tent to design, we are keen to improve and design new models. The ultimate protection against mosquitoes, it can also be an original decorative accessory and at the same time a real playground for children. So our fight against nocturnal pests will continue for a long time to come by offering you ever more fantastic bed mosquito net !

Bed veil

A bed veil is quite similar to a bed canopy, as they share the same tasks. To protect and bring comfort in all elegance! However, it is different in 2 ways. Its surface and its installation. Indeed, the bed canopy does not hide you completely like the bed canopy which allows you to feel in a real cocoon. It simply unfolds parallel to the ceiling and leaves a large opening on the sides. It can be easily hung from the ceiling at 4 ends. Or it can be placed on a bed structure such as a canopy, a cabin bed, etc. It can be made of simple transparent fabric, typically like a mosquito net. Or it can be made of thick, soft coloured fabric. Generally used in summer as a bedding accessory to fight mosquitoes. The bed veil is increasingly used to bring charm to the rooms and gives a poetic Bohemian look ultra chic. It is therefore becoming a new kind of decorative element. Very popular in Southern Europe, it has been taking over Scandinavian-style living rooms and bedrooms for a few years now. In terms of colours, the timeless and reassuring white is the winner, but black is becoming very trendy, and blue, red and green are making their way into the most daring homes !

Baby bed canopy

We offer a wide range of beautiful baby bed canopy to decorate your baby's room and bed. The baby bed canopy is a fantastic decorative touch that will make all the difference in the design of your baby's room. The bed canopy, similar to the bed mosquito net, protects your little one from insects, dust and other pests that could bother him/her. The baby bed canopy will therefore change many things in his or her room and sleeping area, starting with the atmosphere. In its first year, a baby can sleep up to 20 hours a day. This means that the choice of sleeping space is of the utmost importance. All models in our collection offer comfort, safety and elegance. Various colours and styles are available for a harmonious match with your interior. And yes, with us, both babies and parents are kings. All our models are of exceptional quality. All of them comply with UK safety standards. For the well-being, health and safety of your baby, all the fabrics used for the design of our baby bed canopies have the Confiance Textile label. Before being sent, our baby bed canopy are checked with the greatest care for the safety of your baby. Yes, we want to satisfy young parents. The baby bed canopy is a great accessory for your child's nights, as it will make him/her feel comfortable and reassured. As said before, a baby sleeps a lot during the first months. So as a parent, you appreciate knowing that your baby is comfortable for his naps or nights. With adapted and perfectly comfortable bedding and bed linen. Although the baby bed canopy has an essentially decorative function, it adds a profoundly comforting aspect, like a protective hand above him. Some models for cots will need to be hung with a bed arrow. We have models in all colours. But our most popular models for babies are the white bed canopy skies, with a clean design to fit both boys' and girls' rooms. Very easy to assemble and safe, our baby bed canopy are made from organic cotton and recycled polyester, a real plus for the environment, of which we are proud. Your baby will sleep in a cosy cocoon and your parents will be able to sleep soundly, as well as the toddler. The baby bed canopy will also be a soft decorative touch in this room, however, it is necessary to choose the right fabric. Obviously, the structure must be very solid, but the fabric must also be very light, and this for two reasons: your toddler must not have the feeling of being enclosed, this would be very unpleasant for him and he would feel cut off from the world and you know it, which is really not conducive to sleep in the early years of his life. It is also important that the air circulates normally. The cot bed canopy differs from the classic models by the fact that it is intended for the very young. As a rule, crib canopies are made of polyester or cotton, which are the two most popular materials. Polyester is very light, but it tends to retain dust very easily. Cotton on the other hand is breathable and really soft to the touch. The colour is also an element that should be taken into account in the overall harmony. For your little princess, a pink baby bed canopy will be perfect, but for a boy's bed canopy, you will opt for grey or white. These are rather soft colours that are well suited to the task. Brightly coloured fabrics, such as red, green or purple, can bring a real cheerfulness to his room. This is an option that can be matched with a decoration in the same tones or can be just the right contrasting detail to make a difference. Neutral tones are soothing. They bring a calm atmosphere to the room, inviting rest and relaxation. Moreover, these tones correspond as well to a male as to a female baby bed canopy !

Kid bed canopy

In addition to baby bed canopy, we also offer children's bed canopy. Whether you have a boy or a girl, we offer a wide range of bed canopies. From thick, elegant canopies for purely decorative purposes, to mosquito netting for 100% effective pest protection. If you dream of a royal princess bedroom for your daughter, the purple or pink bed canopy is the perfect accessory. It will enhance the whole of her living space in a remarkable way. As well as the overall atmosphere of her room. Making her room a real fairy temple, full of poetry. The pink bed canopy is an excellent choice, as it is very soft and brings femininity to your little princess's room, while the white bed canopy is more neutral. It is also suitable for a boy's bed canopy, provided that it is simple and transparent. The children's bed canopy encourages kid to join the space that they particularly appreciate and where they find their privacy. The bed is often used as a play area. Whether it is girls playing with dolls or mums in what they imagine to be a house or a magic castle for example. For boys the place is also playful, and they imagine their bed as a little adventurer's hut, a bit like a teepee or a play tent. The kid bed canopy can also be placed elsewhere, in a clear corner of the room, and be a place to play or read quietly. It has to be said that girls' bed canopies are more often requested by parents as gifts. Lulled by the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm and the Disney cartoons. Our little princesses often dream of a princess bed canopy. Yes, even in the decoration, this imaginary and so marvellous world bursts in and the bedroom does not escape it. The bed canopy is an important decorative accessory, but it also has a functional aspect. It keeps small insects away and promotes deep sleep by creating a cocoon-like environment. It is extremely beneficial for falling asleep, particularly because it protects from light and possibly from outside noise. For boys, grey, black or beige bed canopy are perfect. Turning their bed into a magnificent control tent of the kingdom. And making the room unique, attractive and original. Your boy will feel like he's in a castle, safe from attack. To hang the kid bed canopy, nothing could be easier, all the fixing elements are provided. By installing this type of bedding accessory, you are guaranteed a high quality sleep. All our kid bed canopies are designed for safety and have many small holes to allow air to pass through for an ultra comfortable sleep. At the same time, it allows air to circulate under the kid bed canopy, so that heat does not build up. The kid bed canopy is probably the best protection against mosquitoes in summer. It also prevents insects and spiders from entering this protected area. Indeed, the children's bed canopy offers complete protection for boys and girls. Whether at home or on the campsite. Many of our models have a round draped dome. Bringing a charm of the old times. You can decorate the bed with lights, dreamcatchers or magic stars to give the room even more charm. The kid bed canopy is therefore a perfect decorative element to embellish the children's room. Hanging above the bed, this accessory brings poetry to the rooms of young and old alike and invites them to sleep in a soft and warm environment. In winter it provides a quiet and relaxing space for the night, in summer it protects against mosquitoes and other nocturnal pests that can sometimes get into the room and cause damage to your child's skin. Thanks to our super bed canopy, you can offer your child a little space of their own where they can fall asleep easily and spend nights full of dreams. Our children's bed canopy are simply fixed above the bed to create a soothing environment for your children. They can also be used for other purposes. For example, you can use them to create a small reading corner, above an armchair and some cushions. Enabling your child to enjoy reading more. Use small decorative elements to embellish this little cocoon and make it even cosier. Children should have their own world, a place where they are not disturbed. Whether they prefer fairy-tale or more adventurous themes, you'll make them happy with this now indispensable decorative element. Moreover, to promote a good night's sleep, your child needs to feel comfortable in his room and the layout of the room is very important, starting with his bed. To help your child fall quickly into the arms of Morpheus and have sweet dreams, offer him a kid bed canopy. Duvet cover and pillowcase are both good for helping him fall asleep. Choose the one that will fit in his room with patterns and colours that he likes. Stars, geometric shapes and various prints add style and originality.

Adult bed canopy

We love it for its bohemian, cosy or fairy-like side, the adult bed canopy gives a lot of charm to our bedroom and invites us to spend sweet nights together. Your satisfaction is our priority, so all our models are designed to have a maximum resistance to tears. The adult bed canopy is therefore a fabulous decorative option that offers an ultra soft and refined atmosphere. It's that kind of small detail that completely changes a room and gives it a unique style. Many parents think that bed canopies are only for children's rooms, but this is a mistake, as they can be a much better fit for your space and its decor. The adult bed canopy is above all a real cocoon of happiness and softness where you will spend calm and restful nights. To be in great shape in the morning and accomplish your day. As you will see, the bed canopy is a very romantic accessory and creates a love nest in which you will enjoy loving your partner. It is also a way to greatly enhance your bedroom interior decoration by giving it a contemporary, romantic or more classic touch. Quite simple to make, the adult bed canopy can be hung from hoops, rods, and can take the form of a stretched canvas hanging from your ceiling. The hanging system differs according to the model, but the main thing is that it can be fixed to the ceiling or a wall. You can choose a very light or thicker fabric, printed or plain. The aim is to match your duvet covers or to provide an original contrast to your bedding. One thing we don't think about as much: in a flat, a adult bed canopy can separate the sleeping area from the living area and create a certain degree of privacy. You can also easily, without overdoing it, use different fabrics depending on where they are placed. It's up to you to find the bed canopy that suits you and your style, but also matches the style of your bedroom. It will also give you a relaxing night's sleep in a natural way. What a pleasure to spend pleasant nights sleeping without mosquitoes and mosquito repellent on your skin! Whether you place the net on a large bed or on a hammock, you can rest easy. This allows you to be free of aggressive chemicals, while having good air circulation and preventing the smallest of fleas from entering. The hanging system allows for easy installation without any skill required. The sturdy ring easily holds the net in place. The fabrics are lightweight and machine washable at 30°C. Can be installed both indoors and outdoors. It can be a lifesaver when travelling !

Baby bed mosquito net

Summer is coming, and problems like flies, gnats and insects of all kinds are multiplying. And the first target of these lucky bugs is your baby. So to guarantee your little one a maximum of well-being during the night, think of installing a bed mosquito net for your baby's. With this great tent-like accessory, no more itchy bites and ringing in the ears! As a complement, you can also install an ultrasonic mosquito repellent device on a socket in your baby's room. This will provide additional and effective protection. Then wherever you are, don't forget to take a repellent with you against the most ferocious mosquitoes. But let's get back to our baby bed mosquito net, to avoid insect bites and protect your baby's sensitive skin against pimples and itching, Bed Canopy Universe offers you this ultra-practical accessory: the bed mosquito net. At home, a mosquito net for cots protects your baby in a really effective way. When out and about, opt for a baby mosquito net for pushchairs: summer walks will be worry-free for the whole family. And because your child also needs protection during the holidays, we also offer baby bed mosquito nets for cots. Colour, size, style - you decide which bed mosquito net you want. Our catalogue is vast enough to satisfy all your expectations. In just a few moments, select the equipment that will give you complete satisfaction. We offer two types of bed mosquito nets: the cradle net that can be put on and the tent net. The baby bed mosquito net for cots is a transparent elastic net that is pulled down from the top of the cot so that insects cannot enter from any point. This way, your little treasure is effectively protected and you can always keep an eye on him or her because the net is transparent. The real tent-like baby net falls to the ground and surrounds the cot to prevent insects from entering the cot while baby is sleeping. In addition to being effective, these bed nets are a decorative asset for the room. Bringing elegance and style !

Kid bed mosquito net

If your child is bothered by mosquitoes during the summer season, it's time to equip his bed with a nice kid bed mosquito net ! Practical and effective, it will protect your child from mosquito bites and allow them to sleep as peacefully as during the other seasons. Our collection of bed mosquito nets for children is still quite small, but many models in various colours are available and are very popular. The simple hooking systems we provide are there to help you install the net in 2 minutes. Just like a normal tent, they can be unfolded in 2 seconds and then fixed to the contours of the chosen bed. So you see, for your child to spend peaceful summer nights, there is nothing better than a kid bed mosquito net ! All of our bed mosquito nets for children have a single fixing point and a rather cubic shape. This gives a great elegance. You will also find in our complete catalogue kid bed mosquito nets for the whole family, baby and adult, 2 places !

Bed mosquito net double

Are you always bothered by mosquitoes in summer? We have the solution for you and your skin! In our bed mosquito net 2-seater collection, you will find beautiful mosquito nets for adult beds. Of a rare elegance with proven effectiveness. Some models are slightly oval and others are completely rectangular. They all have four attachment points, for a solid fixation to your bed. You will also find adult bed mosquito net that are more aesthetically pleasing than mosquito repellent. With our double bed nets, you are more than ready for the summer! Thanks to our reusable fixing kits, you can also use these nets when travelling, camping, etc. So what are you waiting for, get yourself a great adult bed mosquito net, so that you can finally spend your summers in peace !

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