How to make a Bed Canopy : 3 step tutorial


Making a bed canopy may seem tedious and technical, but in reality it is not !


On the contrary, we can say that it is a real child's play. Don't hesitate to get your little angels involved in this manual design, which will only take you one or two hours in total. OK, if you really have a minister's schedule and can't find any time to devote to this activity, no worries. We'll let you take a look at our lovingly designed bed canopies.


If you don't like reading, watch this video instead !






1/ The Material

To make your bed canopy, you will only need 3 things:

  • a hoop (wood, plastic or metal)
  • two curtains (sheer style)
  • a rope

Adapt the size and style of your materials according to the type of bed canopy you are going to make. For example, for an adult bed canopy, choose large, plain materials. On the other hand, for the construction of a baby bed canopy, decide small and colorful materials.


If you don't have any of these 3 elements at home, here's where you can find them at low cost : hoop, curtains and rope.


2/ Assembly

Here we are in the DIY part, the most technical part where you have to hold on a little. Follow the points below and everything will go well.


  • First, if you are a person who values aesthetics, take a spray can or paint and give your hoop a makeover. Give it a luxurious or vintage look, it's up to you.


  • Then with a pair of scissors or a cutter cut your hoop, in order to pass the rings of your curtains


  • If your hoop does not let go and refuses to be cut, then simply hang your curtains on it with clothes pegs.


  • Once your curtains are held in or on your hoop, adjust the whole for a perfect harmony.


Then take your rope and hang it from the ends of the hoop, so that you can hang it from the ceiling afterwards.





3/ Finishing

To finish, add your personal touch by adding decorative elements. Here are the embellishments you could add :

  • light garland
  • flower garland
  • dream catcher
  • plant element
  • butterflies
  • bow tie
  • feathers
  • ribbons
  • stars

FANTASTIC ! The work is finished. Now all you have to do is hang your bed canopy from the ceiling. See how to fix a bed canopy.


We hope to have helped you as much as possible. Thank you for your visit.

See you soon on Bed Canopy Universe !




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