Fixing a Bed Canopy to the ceiling without drilling


Fixing a canopy to the ceiling while keeping it intact is possible ! Because we agree, drilling holes in the walls or ceiling is not the best thing for the design and for the neighbors. Especially when you are a tenant. So discover the 3 ways to fix your bed canopy without worries with a drill.







1/ Fixing moldable glue

Siliconized gum, easy to model, hardens in 24 hours at room temperature and leaves no trace on the chosen surface. Fixing paste is probably the best solution for fixing decorative objects, accessories or utensils to walls or ceilings. The only drawback is that if you handle it too often, its effectiveness will diminish considerably.


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2/ Adhesive hook 

In suction cup mode or to be stuck on like tape, ultra simple to use, practical and solid. The adhesive hook is the most elegant solution for fixing a bed canopy without piercing the ceiling. The only drawback is that it leaves slight marks on the chosen surface.


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3/ Double-sided adhesive 

And finally, the double-sided adhesive! Usually used for thermometer installation. It is just as effective for fixing things to the ceiling. And this on any type of ceiling; wood, marble, PVC, glass…etc. It is also very quick to install and can be used many times. However, make sure that your bed canopy is not too heavy, as the adhesive may not be able to support it. It is therefore ideal for small bed canopies.


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