Hang easily a kid bed canopy


Like many parents, you are wondering how to effectively hang your child's bed canopy. Although it may not be intuitive for everyone, you will see that it is actually quite simple. Especially since you don't need a lot of materials, or even a higher degree in DIY. Just follow the following explanations step by step at your own pace. And give your child a nice surprise when they get home from school !





What you need

You will need a drill, a dowel, a hook, a small tarpaulin and a pencil.

Ciel de Lit Bébé | Rose avec Couronne




The Steps

Let's get started! Put the tarpaulin on your child's bed so that nothing gets dirty. Carefully choose the location of the canopy and make a mark. Adjust your drill to the type of ceiling in the room. Drill a hole of a few centimetres where you made the mark. Gently place the peg inside. And screw the hook into the peg. You can then hang your child's canopy in peace. Decorate it to your taste or let your child decorate it in his or her own way !


We hope to have helped you as much as possible. Thank you for your visit.

See you soon on Bed Canopy Universe !

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