Diy Adult Bed Canopy


This beautiful bedding ornament, the bed canopy, is becoming part of more and more british homes every year. Why is it so ? Because it provides both privacy and comfort, while protecting against dust, pests and other dirt that could fall on your bed. However, once purchased or received, a small technical problem is often encountered. This is the installation. Please read the following points carefully in order to hang your canopy with ease !




1 : What you will need  

For this DIY operation, you will need : A small tarpaulin, a pencil, a drill, a peg and a hook.




2 : Process of the operation

Now that all the elements are in place, we can begin. First of all, place the tarpaulin on your bed to protect it. Then take your pencil and mark where you want to drill the hole. Before you drill, find out what kind of ceiling you are dealing with by tapping gently on it. If it is hard it is concrete, if it sounds hollow it is plasterboard. Knowing this you should adjust the mode of your drill so that nothing is damaged. Then place your drill on the mark you made earlier and drill slowly. A few centimetres are enough. Inside this hole you only have to screw a dowel. Then put a hook in the same peg. You can now hang the bed canopy on the hook and unfold it in an elegant way !




3: The decoration part

Once your bed canopy is hung, you can decorate it as you wish. You can add a garland of lights, a wreath of flowers, butterflies or even a dream catcher. It all depends on your taste and budget.


We hope to have helped you as much as possible. Thank you for your visit.

See you soon on Bed Canopy Universe !

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