How to make a crib arrow : Tuto


The metal bed rail is the most common type of support for baby canopies. It's high time this changed ! Here, we will show you how to make a wooden crib rail quickly and easily. The process will take place in two steps. First, we will list the materials needed. Then we'll move on to the assembly/decoration part. The final result will add a lot of charm to the overall decoration of your child's room. Let's go !






The Material :


  • screws


  • a screwdriver


  • a square


  • a drill


  • a cleat between 4.92 ft. and 5.75 ft. (main vertical part)

  • a small 0.6 inch strip (horizontal part for hanging the bed canopy)


  • and two small wooden blocks or boards to hold the arrow on the cradle 



You should have most of the material at home, but if you are missing one or two elements, don't panic, you can find what you need on the internet for very little money. You can also use wooden boards that are no longer in use and recycle them for this crib arrow.





Assembly :


  • First of all, don't hesitate to sand your wooden strips so that no splinters come to hurt someone


  • Also paint them if you don't like the original color of the wood


  • Then take these two strips and your square 


  • Assemble these three elements by screwing them together


  • The whole thing will form your bed spire, thus a perpendicular whole


  • To finish, fix your bed spire at the headboard.


  • To do this, use the two wooden planks you have left


  • Glue these two planks to the cradle with the arrow in the middle and screw the whole thing down carefully to avoid any damage




We hope to have helped you as much as possible. Thank you for your visit.

See you soon on Bed Canopy Universe !






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