Fixing a Bed Canopy in 5 steps


A bed canopy is a perfect way to add elegance to any room. This beautiful bedding accessory brings a deep sense of serenity and softness. It can transform your bedroom into a true temple of sleep.


Not to be confused with a canopy bed, which is a bed with a high frame for draping curtains over. Read the following 5 steps to find out how to properly install your bed canopy and get lots of tips to help you make it look good. Before you start, if you don't want to drill through your ceiling to fix your bed canopy, read this article fixing bed canopy without drilling.









1/ Choose your bed canopy


You have a wide choice. Indeed, bed canopies are available in a wide variety of colors and materials, from light and airy to thick and extravagant. There are also many colors to choose from; white, red, green, black, blue etc.


For a traditional/extravert style, silk and velvet are best, like this luxurious pink adult bed canopy. But for a simpler style, think of a light sober linen, like this white bed canopy for adults.


For your children, the possibilities are pretty much the same. There are neutral ones as well as more themed ones; princess, sailor, etc... We let you discover our catalogs bed canopies for kids and bed canopies for babies.




2/ Choose its location


Your type of bed canopy will determine where you hang it in relation to your bed. If you have a cot canopy, you should hang it towards the head of the bed so that the fabric doesn't get in the way of your baby's sleeping.


If you choose a larger bed canopy for children or adults, center it over your bed to allow the fabric to cascade in all directions.





3/ Install the hook


For this 3ᵉ step, you will need a hook. If you already have one it is perfect, if not we advise you those from Homebase. Cheap and good quality.


Drill a small hole where you want to hang your bed canopy, then screw the hook in. For maximum safety, use a stud finder to find the most suitable places on your ceiling. 


As your bed canopy falls directly over your head, it is important to ensure that the hook is secure. For extra support, use drywall anchors.





4/ Attach the bed canopy to the hook

Attach the top to the hook screwed to the ceiling and adjust the canopy so that it is level. The fabric should fall elegantly on all sides. If you have difficulty, ask someone to help you; they can hold the bed canopy to the ceiling and adjust it while you decide on its final position.





5/ Add your decorative touch


Once you've finished installing your bed canopy, think about adding a little style with embellishments

There are many specialized bed canopy decorations and accessories available on the market, so you'll easily find what you're looking for. 

Add a garland of lights, butterflies or curtain tiebacks for a real personal touch. It's your bed, so make it the object of your dreams !





We hope to have helped you as much as possible. Thank you for your visit.

See you soon on Bed Canopy Universe !





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