How to fix a Bed Canopy to the ceiling ?


For a few years now, the bed canopy has made its appearance in many British homes. Charming and elegant, much simpler to install than a canopy bed, children and parents alike appreciate it. Except that many people have trouble knowing how to attach it to the ceiling. We'll explain it all to you !


If you don't want to drill your ceiling to fix your bed canopy, we recommend this article : Fixing without drilling 







List of required materials :


  • screws


  • small tarpaulin


  • hook (preferably white)


  • conventional drill


  • dowel (depending on the ceiling, full concrete or empty plasterboard)





Instructions :


  • Protect the bed with the tarpaulin


  • Use the center of the bed as a reference point for your hole


  • Make a small mark with a pencil at the chosen location


  • Drill the ceiling where your mark is


  • If the ceiling is full, drill in percussion mode 


  • Dust the hole with a hooded if necessary


  • Drive the dowel into the hole as deep as possible


  • To ensure that it is completely in, you can use a hammer


  • Screw the hook into the peg


  • Then hang your bed canopy from the hook




For a better understanding, you can watch these DIY videos.

Once the job is done, enjoy your new bed decoration. Unless you still haven't found your ideal bed canopy, then take a look at ours : bed canopies for adultskids and babies.



We hope to have helped you as much as possible. Thank you for your visit.

See you soon on Bed Canopy Universe !





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